Punk-Style And Sub-Cultural Theory Essay Sample

Punk-Style And Sub-Cultural Theory Essay Sample

The function and significance of sub-cultural style and it is relationship to mainstream culture, furthermore its political associations happen to be a place of contention within sub-cultural theory. A seminal account of sub-cultural dynamics was postulated by Hebrides who came on ideas from disciplines diverse as Semiotics and Anthropology. Hebrides considered sub-cultural style to become grounded within the re-appropriation and subversion from the mainstream cultural order by alienated groups. This suggests that style itself includes a political dimension which sub-cultural style is innately politically challenging inside the energy relations of society.

The job of the paper is to shed further light on Heading’s theory of sub-cultural style as a kind of re-appropriation and insubordination, accumulating in the theoretical antecedents for an use of the idea to punk subculture. Furthermore, I’ll evaluate Hebdige’s thesis around the character of sub-cultural style and it is political dimensions.

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