Ian Thorpe Olympic Swimmer Essay Sample

Ian Thorpe Olympic Swimmer Essay Sample

… of the most richest people apart from Bill Gates, that is alive. This of course has been drawn, keeping in context the popularity of the English clubs and their sponsorship packages. There are other players in different sports like the golf genius Tiger Woods, then the English great swimmer Ian Thorpe and the Ferrari specialist, Michael Schumacher. Beckham surpasses all of them as far as being a heavily paid player is concerned. He told the media people when he shot the penalty in the goal against Argentina in the recently concluded Soccer World Cup, held in Japan and South Korea:

” …

… seriously dealt with and the loopholes filled up so as to desired the already set goals of that very sports body and more than that, the dreams of so many people who cherish a single victory, either achieved by Manchester United or Real Madrid in Soccer or by a swimmer in a local club within the United Kingdom by a handful of his or her fans available on site.

The leisure and sports organizations that are working in England are all very professionally run. The need of the hour is to improve the competitive spirit between them as well as …

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