Iago View On Women Essay Sample

Iago View On Women Essay Sample

… . However, women’s participation in the military has steadily increased since the Korean War. Today, women can now attend public military schools, serve in combat and are eligible for promotion to the highest ranks. However, despite these gains, problems like harassment and discrimination remain.
There is a tendency to view the history of women in the armed forces as a linear progression, where women went from support positions such as administration and nurses to joining combat duties today. The widely publicized rescue of Private Jessica Lynch in Iraq has once again focused attention on the appropriateness of such “progress,” whether …

… in the field, the distinctions between combat and non-combat duties were arbitrary. For example, women in the Army were still banned from direct combat divisions such as infantry. However, they were allowed to work on Patriot Missile Units, a division charged with shooting down incoming Scud missiles. Navy women could not serve aboard combat ships like destroyers, but they were on support ships that provided combat logistical support during the gulf operations. Female members of the Marine Corps were also banned from combat. However, 170 female leathernecks of the 2nd Marine Support Group were stationed in the desert, near …

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