Hyde That Seventies Show Essay Sample

Hyde That Seventies Show Essay Sample

… respect from their peers.
B. Victorian society greatly admired certain traits, such as familial responsibility, faithfulness in marriage and a hard-working attitude toward one’s career or profession in regard to the interaction between employer and employee.
2.) In regard to Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray, it seems that they have no respect for what God has deemed to be “untouchable,” that is, delving into subjects which man was not meant to explore, such as the secrets of life and death and the nature of the human soul.
3.) What seems important to these two characters is to know …

… blackness of the human soul and shows how one can use the “dark side” to an advantage.
7.) With Dr. Jekyll, peer pressure, via the other doctors who scorned and laughed at his experiments, forced him to show that they were wrong through his ability to transform himself from a kind-hearted doctor to a human monster in the form of Mr. Hyde, his alter-ego; with Dorian Gray, Lord Henry Wotton, with his views on hedonism, inspired Gray to live as he does and to shun any and all Victorian principles regarding human behavior and the effects of one’ …

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