Husserl And Time Essay Sample

Husserl And Time Essay Sample

… the clock reads 6, that their favorite cartoon comes on. Even children who can read clocks might still not be sensitive to the notion of time in the same way adults are. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” is an example of children being unable to grasp time. Waiting for something is foreign to a child who normally depends on instant gratification. Time is always subjective for the child, always perceived as feelings and emotions rather than as something mathematical and precise. Similarly, waiting for five minutes can seem alternately like waiting an hour or five seconds, depending …

… various cultures, it would be helpful to do a study correlating different temporal views with different worldviews.
Time is one of the most significant factors in non-verbal intercultural communication. Time is rarely treated as a function of language or communication, however. Language is viewed as primarily a verbal and written set of symbols and sounds. When nonverbal language is taken into consideration, people become aware of the intricate patterns of gestures, head positions, eye contact, and other forms of communication that do not depend on language, per se. However, time transcends all of these as a metaphysical dimension to …

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