Hurricane Ivan Essay Sample

Hurricane Ivan Essay Sample

… Glinskaya served as regent, followed by a disputed regency from 1538-1547, which marked the onset of the rule of tsar Ivan the III.

16th and 17th Century Russia represented a time where an empire was built. Russia expanded a great deal during this century, in part due to the influences of Ivan the Terrible. The Imperial Period of Russia was in fact designated as the time between 1689-1917 (Beard). Ivan III, or Ivan the Terrible as many know him, ruled over Russia for a great many years, grandson of Ivan the Great who ruled previous (interknowledge, 1997). Ivan became the Grand Duke of Moscow in 1533 at the tender age of three (interknowledge, 1977). His mother ruled as regent, but she passed away when Ivan was only eight years old. While Ivan grew, many regents assisted in ruling of the land. However, in 1547 Ivan became tsar, and began his conquest over territory. Ivan reorganized the military and set about a campaign to conquest the Tatars, thus expanding Russian territory (interknowledge, 1997). Siberia was but one of many regions that Ivan sought to conquest and inhabit with Russian natives. During the mid 1500s, Moscow also became the capital …

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