Hunchback Of Notre Dame Function Of Cathedral Essay Sample

Hunchback Of Notre Dame Function Of Cathedral Essay Sample

… painting. Italian influence was largely rejected in favor of Mannerist formulas and a severe and noble, was undoubtedly Baroque. Artists grew more fastidious in their choice of colors and more intimately concerned with tonal values. Light served not only to lend brightness to external forms but acquired a transcendental function. The new art remained faithful to the themes of the preceding century: pictures of religious subjects continued to predominate. The principal schools of this period were those of Seville and Madrid, the latter enjoying the patronage of the court.
5) To create an atmosphere of splendor comparable to the glory …

… in elaborate detail. Notre-Dame indeed dates back to the 13th century and is one of the masterpieces of Gothic art in Western Europe. Its stainglasses and the huge interior are really stunning artistic experiences of mystical dimension. Located on the Cité Island and surrounded by the Seine River, Notre-Dame is a flagship in the Parisian landscape and provides a magnificent view of the city from the top of its towers.
7) Buddhism spread overland and by sea to many parts of Asia, reaching China by the first century A.D., and Southeast Asia by the seventh century A. …

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