Human Relations School Essay Sample

Human Relations School Essay Sample

… across an increasingly spread out yet integrated community, embracing children from Camp Sexton to administrative staff. To cope with these new additions, staff must be adequately trained and sensitized.
Employee relations
Staff-Parish Relations Committee must be maintained and expanded upon.
Part II: HR specifics
Staffing in light of church changes
In the past years, Central has been actively seeking to expand its property so that it …

… even if different staff members perform different function.
In recent years, more Sunday school staff, to teach these classes and also aides to help manage the younger children has been required. After Sunday school activities, such as recreational sports and crafts have required additional staffing as well, given the success of activities such as Camp Sexton. (207)
Compensation/ benefits
The expanded building project drew considerable reserves from …

… as services and retreats.
A new training program that helps all administrative staff become more aware of the community they are serving, as well as the values of the organization is necessary. The human resources personnel must design a sensitivity and awareness program to enable diverse staff members to be better acquainted and also have opportunities to discuss potential areas of conflict in the future. This will …

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