Human Cloning And Genetic Engineering Essay Sample

Human Cloning And Genetic Engineering Essay Sample

… humans, but cloning with animals would provide many benefits.
In August of 2001, many scientists met Washington D.C. to talk about human cloning and agreed that cloning an entire human being would be questioned morally and also have technical obstacles. After all, research into animal cloning had already shown that for every apparent success like Dolly the sheep, there were hundreds of failures, including many badly …

… available (Wilmut, 1998).
Although genetic disorders represent a small fraction of the total burden of ill health, genetic engineering in the form of “gene therapy” could be used to repair damaged or replace missing genes in people who have genetic disorders. This would be another promising aspect of cloning. The rapid production of large animals carrying genetic defects that mimic human illnesses, such as cystic fibrosis. The …

… cattle that lack the prion protein gene. This gene makes cattle susceptible to infection that might cause bovine spongiform encephalitis or mad cow disease. Many animal activists are against this kind of genetic engineering, but again the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. The technique could also prevent the transmission of genetic diseases. Many scientists are now working on therapies that would supplement or replace defective genes in …

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