I Fell In Love Essay Sample

I Fell In Love Essay Sample

… swiftly o’er fields of wheat
Their stalks wound ‘round bushes in rows neat
The state of Naxet, the Monkey King’s land
Would have fallen in the great Battle of Desertland
The men, the women, armed to the hilt
Crept on their bellies to gather the gilt
That fell from the horses and Electric Birds,
The Sonic Reducers mixed with elephant herds
A conflagration of chaos ensued on the land,
For the black-robed men dropped poisonous sand.
The powder was white and damaged worse than a pest
Touching everything in its midst with a mist of death.
The …

… the Battle, the Monkey King rose from his throne
Great throngs of people opened their ears, their eyes shone
When the Monkey King delivered powerful words
Which all across the Kingdom were willingly heard.

“I have word from the lofty Gods Above
That the Desertland People are devoid of Love
They oppress their women and despise what we do
They hate the mighty Gods, they hate me and you.
They loathe us and they plan to destroy us
So now we must send forth armies of Winged Buses.”

The Gods then whispered in his ear with joy
“You must proceed …

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