Dog Within The Kennel Essay Sample

Dog Within The Kennel Essay Sample

Ongoing radio telescope searches, the announcement of the development of NASA Aerobiology Institutes and up to date research on Martian meteorites claim that scientific curiosity about the potential of the presence of extraterrestrial existence is growing. To stimulate critical thinking and debate, the nation’s Institute for Discovery Science is very happy to announce an essay competition on a range of subjects surrounding the quest for extraterrestrial intelligence. Researchers all disciplines are asked to submit essays around the first introduced subject by August 11, 1998 towards the NIBS. Essays should be typewritten in British, as much as 35 double spread pages long. Essays is going to be judged with a panel of seven scientifically qualified experts with multi-disciplinary experience, the very best three essays will each be granted $5,000.

Authors retain possession but NIBS reserves the authority to publish the winning essays on our website in addition to publish these questions proceedings anthology.

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